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Vivaldi Design ZEN980

sound, light and design for outdoor use

audio, light and subwoofer
Variante codice:Vivaldi Design ZEN315 Outdoor speaker
Vivaldi Design ZEN510 Outdoor speaker with light
Vivaldi Design ZEN315L lighting
Vivaldi Design ZEN780 audio e subwoofer
Vivaldi Design ZEN730 Outdoor speaker
Vivaldi Design ZEN930 Outdoor speaker with light
Vivaldi Design ZEN730L lighting
Vivaldi Design ZEN980A Active outdoor speaker with light
High design speaker, with Led light integrated. HiFi, 3 ways, stainless steel 316L, IP65, subwoofer for sound and design of outdoor spaces (roofs, gardens and swimming pools).

Light: 66 LED - 13,8W, 1380lm, 3800K
Subwoofer: 2x16.5 cm push-pull
Mid-woofer: 16,5 cm
Tweeter: 34mm compression
Power 300W RMS
Musical power 600W
Peak power 1200W
Impédance 4 Ohm
Frequency response 40 - 20000 Hz
Sensitivity: 91 dB
Max output level 114dB
Dimensions: 205 x 1200 mm (DxH)
Floor install flange 30 cm (D)
Anchor holes n.3
Weight 20 Kg
Colour brushed steel
Custom colours available on demand
Protection grade IP65
Vivaldi srl ongoing effort to improve its products, reserves the right to make technical and aesthetic changes effectively without obligation to notice