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Since 1972, the founding team of Vivaldi srl has developed large and deep decennial experience in the world of HiFi and Professional Audio, designing PA systems, audio mixers for DJ, professional speakers and more. 

In the beginning of the 80's the team started developing production experience of sound systems currently named as “multiroom”. 

In 1996 the constant effort of business and technological innovation, thanks to the entrepreneurial skills, experience, commitment of its employees, sensitivity towards market trends and research for continuous innovation, gives rise to Vivaldi srl, meant to become in a few years a well-established company, successfully placed in the market as an outstanding leader at the highest levels in production of audio/video multiroom systems, hi-fi speakers, etc..

By 1998 have come out different succeeding lines of product:
- Giove: Multiroom in 5 main branches
- Ulisse: Audio/video products for PA and professional use
- Genius: Home automation for multimedia environments and home cinema
- Reference and G&G: high quality level speakers, stronghold for the professional audio sector

2010 brought an evolution of the multiroom system, with the introduction of the first mini in-built audio system, 25 +25 W amplified, provided with USB reader for MP3 files, FM radio, equalizer... INTEGRATED, followed the year after by the introduction of GIOVE ICONTROL, our first domotic control of multiroom audio/video by iPhone, iPad, Smartphone. 

The process of innovation and technological development leads, in 2013, once again first in the market, to the launching of GIOVE Free line, “all-in-one” built-in micro system that includes:
- stereo amplifier 25W+25W
- microphone for sending messages
- FM radio with RDS
- USB reader for audio files
- AUX IN for additional source (ex. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mobile, etc...)
- OLED display
- remote control device included fitting dimensions of a standard 3 posts in-wall case (ex. Tic503)

Today Vivaldi is a successful company. 

The historical headquarters in the province of Venice, beating heart of the Group, retains the R&D, engineering and sales office. Three production units are already operating in Italy while others are being developed abroad. 

Vivaldi's made in Italy quality is traceable in the elegant lines and refined shapes. The Italian design has been conceived for fitting any kind of environment. 

Trainings for professionals, free site inspections and quotations, design consultancy, support in testing and implementing high technology systems, end user training: a 360° service that never leaves our customer alone. 

Vivaldi products are currently finding a wide distribution in Italy and abroad. For information to trace our nearest sale point, please enquire the competent sales manager by phone at n. 0421/307825. 

We wish to meet you and you to meet us. 

Our Research & Development department, the heart and source of the whole organization, will be constantly engaged in conceiving products and optimizing services. Our only goal is and will always be the highest customer satisfaction.


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