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Variante codice:Vivaldi MULTIMEDIA E30S
DSP stereo amplifier.
Class - D power amp. 80+80W @ 8Ohm, 140+140 @ 4Ohm.
Balanced stereo input.
Amplifier output customisable as below:
- Linear stereo with volume adjustment for single channel, internal with trimmer or external with potentiometers (mono Vivaldi Giove TVM, stereo Vivaldi Giove TVS);
- Subwoofer mode with cut frequency adjustment and trimmer volume.
- Balance stereo line output for active subwoofer connection or auxiliar amp Vivaldi MULTIMEDIA E30S, Vivaldi MULTIMEDIA E80S;
- Possibility to select if linked to the master volume or fixed.
- The device can be set in stereo or mono mode by the dip swich on board.
Power supply 36Vdc via Vivaldi Giove AL9B (not included)
Standard DIN (6 modules)
Size (WxHxD): 106x90x63 mm
Weight 0.14 kg.
Vivaldi srl ongoing effort to improve its products, reserves the right to make technical and aesthetic changes effectively without obligation to notice